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Bus stop temporarily moved - 12/03/2016

At Easter, except the following services, the bus stop will be the usual.

Due to the Holy Week processions, the bus stop located in Avenida Juan Carlos I (opposite the Public Market) is temporarily moved to Avenida Ginés Campos, in both directions. There’s a bus stop just next to the Petrol Station for one direction (Murcia) and another one opposite to it for the other direction (Lorca). This affects the following days:

- 20th March (Palm Sunday)Domingo de Ramos), from 6 pm to 10 pm .

- 24th March (Maundy Thursday), from 7 pm to 12 ( midnight )

- 25th (Holy Friday) from 11 am to 3 pm and from 9 pm to 12 ( midnight )

- 26th March (Holy Saturday), from 8 pm to 12 ( midnight ).

- 27th March (Easter Sunday), from 8 am to 4 pm .

We also inform you that the following bus service will be cancelled during the Easter Holiday (from 20th to 29th March) in the line Murcia-Lorca:

Alhama- Murcia : 15:15 h. (labour days)
Murcia-Alhama: 12 h. (labour days)

Alhama-Lorca: 12:45 h. (labour days)
Lorca-Alhama: 14:30 h. (labour days)

The Department of Local Security also reminds you that, due to the processions, the parking prohibition in several streets is necessary, so we ask you to pay attentionn to the provisional signposting.

Bus stop temporarily moved

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